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Posted by JewMitch on December 4, 2011

Staying on topic, my other favorite day of the year is Liquor-Treat – a house party crawl that my friends and I do every Halloween.  Halloween truly is an amazing holiday.  As a kid, you love it because you get to dress up and get unlimited candy.  And as an adult, you love it, because you get to dress up and drink unlimited alcohol – which is really the closest equivalent to “candy” in your adult life.  I’m sure that parents who have children have some thoughts on the holiday too – but we’ll cross that bridge when the condom breaks.

So anyway, to take things a step further – we started doing Liquor-Treat a few years ago.  The rules are simple:

  1. Everyone must come in costume.
  2. Every “host” must provide a different drink.
  3. Spend no more than 1 hour in each person’s house.

Anything that involves drinking and the word “crawl” is usually a pretty great day, although house party crawls are way better than bar crawls.  With a bar crawl, it’s difficult to find everyone in the bar to tell them it’s time for the next stop (although whistles help), the bars get packed, and then it gets impossible to get a drink.

Meanwhile, with a house party crawl – it’s like the bar was waiting to open until you and your friends got there.  Also, what makes it great is that momentum stays high, because as soon as you get bored with one person’s house – it’s on to the next one.  Each place has different music, different drinks, different atmosphere.  Also, there’s no sitting in the corner nursing one drink, because you have to finish your drink within an hour, and then someone is handing you a new one.

And on Halloween, this is all compounded by the fact that everyone is in costume, and you get to serve Halloween themed drinks.  Some great past drinks have been: Butterbeer, Rum and Apple Cider (best served with dry ice for effect), Spooky Punch, Orange Jello Shots, and Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream Vodka.

So we usually start in Hell’s Kitchen, head up to Upper West, then walk across the park to Upper East (this is where spiked hot chocolate in to-go cups becomes amazing), then down to Midtown East, and then down to Gramercy or somewhere else that I have no idea, because I’m always blacked out by this point.  I think I made it to seven apartments this year.  But once again, I’m not really sure.

Being a host is really fun, because then the party just comes to you – and also you get to demolish your friends by forcing them to drink huge amounts of alcohol.  My friend Ece took this to the next level this year by refusing to serve anything except Birthday Cake shots.  No beer, no mixed drinks, just a huge pitcher of hard alcohol – designed to be drunk in shot form.  And we were there for an hour.

I wish I had a story like from the Beer Festival that shows how amazing this day is, but usually I just drink way too much and then pour spiked hot chocolate all over my lap (that happened twice this year).

And yes, that’s me dressed as Zombie Steve Jobs this year.  It wasn’t too soon.


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