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How do you tell someone…

Posted by JewMitch on June 30, 2010

I would argue that the most dangerous threat to single guys in New York City is the intense focus that can come from a crazy girl that you might have hooked up with a few times when you were really drunk, but clearly never want to see again. I don’t really understand how girls get this crazy or why they think this is a good way to get guys to date them, but every guy I know in New York has at least one of these stories. Luckily, because of the magic of text messaging, I have been able to reproduce the entire “break up.” Note the dates; I believe the last time I saw this girl was some time in February, and I had already been ignoring her messages for a while before this.


H:  Snug?  (Note: the Snug is the name of a bar)

M:  Nope. I have kickball.

H:  That sounds cute.

H:  Lemme know next time you go.


H:  Are u in ny?


H:  Hey! What r u up to tonight?

H:  Snug?

H:  ?

H:   😦 why am i being ignored? 😦

M:  Busy

H:  Ok. Guess no snug then 😦 call me when u r free- I miss hanging out!

H:  U arent mad at me r u?


H:  I think it sucks that you arent talking to me.


Voice Mail Received (from her, asking what I was up to and if I wanted to hang out sometime).


H:  Know u are over talking to me for some reason but wanted to let u know that miley cyrus is in the park Friday. Wouldnt want u to miss it 🙂

M:  Honestly, it’s time you stopped texting me.

H:  Ok. Dont know get it but fine. You are a jerk.

H:  Fuck you

Epilogue:  Checked her Facebook page one week later to discover that we are no longer “friends.” Double win.


5 Responses to “How do you tell someone…”

  1. Just Erin said

    Question: How many times do you think she was drunk during these text messages? Because if I drew a chart – there would be a correlation between alcohol consumption and the number of inappropriate text messages sent, a portion of that would be to people I don’t even really have any interest in ever speaking to again.

    Also – do you think your post will be counter productive because if she sees, she’s be provoked to send you more text messages?

  2. lenka said

    any girl who is crazy enough to send this many unanswered texts, drunk or sober, deserves a blog entry about them. we’ve all been drunk to the point of passing out in bars but it is called self-control and having self-respect. she didn’t get the message that she was merely a hookup whose time had passed.

  3. JJ said

    Sometimes it is fun to do crazy stuff just to see what will happen. If she really cared about the outcome– I can’t imagine she would handle things that way.

    And I say this having sent exploratory messages as well as having ignored strings of them…

    Life is boring, and if Mitch was relatively accommodating in bed– it is worth the gamble that she can drunkenly land him again through the worm hole of sheepish drunken texting– vs putting out all the effort of dragging home some unknown lazy drunk that turns out to be a waste of cab fare…

  4. UPenn Frat Guy #2 said

    Timestamps required. If these were 3PM texts, way different than if they were 3AM texts.

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