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Peer Advisor

Posted by JewMitch on June 14, 2010

So at my law school, they had these things called peer advisors– where they would assign a few 2L’s (second years) per small section of 1L’s (first years), to answer questions and help the 1L’s get situated. I’m told that the process to become a peer advisor is now very strict (due to me), but when I applied, all I did was have a fifteen minute conversation with one of the 3L’s that I used to go out drinking with, and then she handed me a red t-shirt that said “Peer Advisor” on the front and had a Thurgood Marshall quote on the back.

Mainly, all I wanted to do was organize happy hours/parties, where I could teach the 1Ls how to play “Partner Track,” which is a law school drinking game that I made it up. Basically, you take one shot for each year of law school you have left, and then one shot for each year that it should take you to make partner (7). The 1L’s would usually get to 3 or 4 shots and then quit, and then I’d yell at them and tell them that they would never make partner with that attitude.

Unfortunately, my group of 1L’s was not nearly as cool as we were, and all they wanted to do was have brown bag question and answer sessions in the courtyard– where they would ask me boring questions about the trial team and where to buy books and stuff. (We were convinced that the law school went out of their way to find really boring 1L’s after us, because our class was so crazy/alcoholic).

I would usually get tired of their questions, and after a while I would just start going on random rants. The best one was when I was conducting a Q&A session and only girls from my small section showed up, so I started giving a speech about how this was a really great law school to find a husband at, and how I think they all made really good decisions for their futures to come here.

They were not especially pleased with this. “But what if we want to practice law?” one asked. “Oh that’s just silly I replied. Especially when your husband can practice law and you can just reap the benefits without any hard work.” I then started explaining how you could tell which boys were in the top ten percent of the class by seeing who was wearing a suit during on campus interviews, and that you definitely wanted a guy on law review or a journal.

Then one girl stood up and said, “But what if you’re already married?”

I stopped mid-spiel and just looked at her. I couldn’t come up with an answer. After a moment, I said “I guess I don’t have any advice for you. I’m not really sure why you’re here.”

Epilogue: One year into law school, she was divorced. By second year, she was dating a guy on law review. By third year, she was pregnant and they were engaged. Some days, it’s like I have a gift.


One Response to “Peer Advisor”

  1. Duke said

    Nicely done and sadly accurate. My other favorite question: “So, where are you working this summer?”

    I’d say it’d be hilarious to rip into some of the nonsense that went on there, but it’d hard for me to re-live my six-figure mistake more often than usual…

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