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Spanx and Texts from last night

Posted by JewMitch on February 24, 2010

After living in New York for a while, you begin to learn a little about fashion, and you definitely begin to become more of an asshole.

I mean, I’ve always been a little hard on girls who are even slightly overweight, but this text message conversation from the last weekend really takes it to another level. (And if you don’t know what Spanx are; take a look here:

Mitch: At a party, talking to a girl that I wish was wearing Spanx but isn’t.

E: Hahahahahah. Is she chubby?

Mitch: Yes, in all the wrong places.

E: Oh nooooo.

E: Rob says stop talking to her this instant.

Mitch: Can I just buy her a pair of Spanx?  I think if she leaves them on, I think it’ll be okay.

E: You wanna hook up with a girl spanxed out?

E: Is she pretty?

Mitch: No, but it’s a slow night.

Mitch: Although, she’s wearing shoes that look like they’re from Payless. This will take a lot of shots.

E: Oh noooo. Run!!! Run!!!


2 Responses to “Spanx and Texts from last night”

  1. Just_Erin said

    And Welcome back. 🙂 You’re still a very classy individual.

  2. Josh said

    please keep blogging.

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