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Guys Night Out

Posted by JewMitch on June 18, 2009


One problem with going to movies in New York is that they’re fucking expensive. Fortunately, my friends and I have a found several loopholes around this. The first is that there’s a theater in Kip’s Bay that has $6 dollar matinees on Friday through Sunday, so long as the movie starts before 12pm.

This is kind of a pain in the ass for most people, but when you don’t work, going to an 11:30am viewing of Star Trek on a Friday sounds awesome. Which is what I did, except I went on a Thursday, because Fandango told me that the ticket would only be $6. I later found out that this was a mistake and the deal is only valid Friday through Sunday.  Why would it be cheaper on the weekend? I have no idea, except that it appears that AMC is run by mentally challenged people.

When I got to the movie theater I found a bunch of trekkie nerds all arguing with the manager, who was trying to explain the mistake. Stepping up to the plate, I simply told the manager the situation, explained that we were all here for the $6 price, and that she could either honor the Fandango price, or not. She replied by saying that the computer would not let her charge us $6, but she could give us all free movie vouchers. Score.

And after seeing one movie for free, I decided to stop in and see Wolverine too. Because why not make a giant nerd day of it? Except for the fact that Wolverine sucked ass. An adamantium bullet to the brain? Seriously?

Another way to get into the movies for free is to know someone who works at the movie theater. Or at least say you do. This worked out beautifully for my friends and me one Friday night when we all got trashed at the Dead Poet (great UWS bar) and decided it would be a good idea to go see Pixar’s “UP” in 3D. Except when we got to the theater, we found out they were charging $16 a ticket. For a fucking movie! Seriously?

My friend Evan thought he knew someone who worked at the theater, so he started asking the ticket taker if she knew his friend. She didn’t (it turned out he worked at a completely different theater), so he asked if we all promised to buy candy, could she just let us into the movie?

Apparently 16 year old ticket takers don’t care about AMC’s corporate success, because she said sure. So we walked in, went to the concession stand, bought about three pounds of candy, and started walking towards the theater.

“Hey!” the ticket taker shouted. “I told you that you could come in to buy candy. You need tickets to go to the movie.”

Drunkenly, we all stopped in our tracks. “But ….. we thought….” We were all confused and sad.

“I’m just kidding with you guys,” she said. “Have fun.”

After getting thoroughly punked by a 16 year old, we all then raced to the theater, grabbed our 3D glasses, and Sam and I promptly fell asleep in our seats, with Evan sitting in the middle. Except, I also remember there was one really sad part and I may or may not have cried a little. It was an awesome Friday night out with the guys.


2 Responses to “Guys Night Out”

  1. Erin said

    haha – you got punked by a 16 year old. That’s awesome. I love Hugh Jackman, I love Wolverine (the character) – but I couldn’t bear to see the movie. Anything with a 37% on RT (14% from the cream of the crop) and RT considering this a positive review: “The whole thing would collapse under the weight of its own pretensions were it not for the considerable acting prowess of Jackman and Schreiber, who know how to give good growl.” just can’t be good.

  2. Judd said


    Why dont you sell your blog to a newspaper? As a interest / events coloum? This way you get to go to more events, movies, pubs , dinners etc… FOR FREE, you can do what you like all day and you will get money for it! You write about it anyway, and its funny! I would buy a paper that had a funny coloum in it… Well buy is a strong word, I may use someone else’s paper that was left on the train.

    Two magical words that open the legs to the proverbal honey pot of free shit, … PRESS PASS!

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