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Drunk and Headed to Seattle

Posted by JewMitch on June 17, 2009

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This time last year, my father was having a medical procedure done in Seattle, and I had to spend a few weekends out there helping out the family. In order to try to not miss that much work, I would try to go out there on the weekends, which is easier said than done, because Baltimore to Seattle is not a popular commuter flight. The airlines that actually flew to Seattle only made one trip a day, and when you add connections into the mix, it was a sure recipe for airport hell.

Sometimes, I missed a flight because I did eight jello shots the night before at a karaoke bar and it was completely my fault. But sometimes it wasn’t. On one trip out there, I got to the airport and was told that my connection to New York had been delayed, and that I would definitely miss my flight to Seattle. I could either go home and come back tomorrow, or wait for the delayed flight and catch the 3pm flight from New York to Seattle the next day. Since there is absolutely nothing worse than giving up and going home from the airport after you’ve already put your car in long term parking, I made sure a New York buddy was going to be around and told them I’d fly to New York that night. Although this sucked, because it meant I was going to miss the season premier of Battlestar Galactica that night.

If you’ve never been at BWI on a Friday night with a few hours to kill, it’s actually a pretty fun scene. They have one bar that serves yards of beer and I met a bunch of Germans there that were flying to Hamburg. Well actually, there were two German men in their mid-thirties and one twenty year old college girl from Virginia, who was one of their girlfriends and also flying to Hamburg with them. I told them that my last name was German (it is actually the name of a German city) and we were all instantly friends.

I imagine that drinking with foreign strangers in an airport is similar to drinking with foreigners while backpacking. It’s fun because: (1) you’re drinking with people from another country, and (2) you’ll never see any of these people again. The Germans really could drink, and I think we had 4 yards each. They also taught me the fun German drinking expression, “Hau’ weg das Zeug!”, which they translated to mean “Drink that shit down!” Needless to say, I was bombed by the time I got on my flight.

But this was fine, as there was more alcohol on my plane. And on top of this, since it was JetBlue, they had TVs on the plane and I was able to watch the season premier of Battlestar Galactica, live, on the plane, in the air. How cool is that? It’s so amazing when you’re really drunk and the universe manages to give you exactly what you want, when you want it. It’s moments like that which make me want to believe in God in a little. Or The Secret. Or just that alcohol is magic.

Once at JFK, the line for a taxi was fifty people deep, so I paid some sketchy guy in a black town car sixty dollars to drive me to my friend’s house. Once there, my friend asked if I was ready to go out. I said “sure,” put my bag down, sat down in a love seat, and promptly passed out.

The next day we went out for brunch to my favorite brunch place in New York, McAlleers. They are an Irish pub that makes amazing Irish crème French toast (with real Baily’s in it) and thick homemade sausages. Plus, for $16 you can get a big plate of food and unlimited bloody mary’s or mimosas. And this is in New York City. I think McAlleers brunch was a major deciding factor for me to move to New York.

Before I knew it, I was drunk again, in a Super Shuttle back to the airport, rambling about McAlleers to the other Super Shuttle Passengers. And on top of it all, it turned out that JetBlue had just finished building a brand new hub with free high speed internet, so I could drunkenly watch Vampire Weekend music videos on my laptop while I waited for my plane. So once again, I was drunk and magically got exactly what I wanted. It was probably the second best 24 hour layover I had ever had.


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  1. […] for the record, as mentioned in the Seattle blog post, the best brunch in NYC is McAleers, hands […]

  2. Ronan Dex said

    Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I’ll come back for some more reading! Thanks!

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