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Law School is Fun School

Posted by JewMitch on June 11, 2009

law school

A lot people are surprised to find out that I really had a great time in law school, even during first year (which is supposed to be the hell year). I think a big part of this had to do with the attitude that I went to law school with. I basically went to school on a whim; the girl I was dating at the time had really wanted to go to Maryland Law, so I figured I might as well take the LSATs and go see if I could get in too. I got in, she didn’t, we broke up, and I went to Maryland; half just to rub it in her face and half because I had nothing better to do. Also, I got in-state tuition, so it seemed like a bargain compared to my private undergrad university.

Once in school, I had no desire to become a lawyer and figured that I’d drop out after my first year. Thankfully, my class was one of the youngest ever in Maryland Law history and I was able to find a group of friends who took a similar cavalier attitude toward law school. Instead of spending late nights cramming in the library, we used to do things like pass notes in constitutional law class. Granted, we all had laptops and could have easily instant messaged each other, but it was much more fun to ask the tight assed guy in a tie to pass a hand written note across the room that said, “Do you want to go to lunch? Pick one. Yes, No, Maybe.”

One of the most ridiculous moments was when a female friend and I decided that it would be a good idea to have a wrestling match in the hallway of the law school by the lockers. We were surprisingly well matched (she was a lot stronger than she looked; she used to play lacrosse) and what started off as a friendly goof turned into a real fight – with us throwing each other into lockers in front of a crowd. Students walking by had no idea what to think, and the wrestling match was eventually broken up by one of the deans. I think the only reason that we didn’t get into trouble was because the dean was so flabbergasted by what we were doing and really had no idea how to handle the situation.

Another reason law school was fun for me was because we all drank a lot. Like 4-5 times a week. Monday was wings and pitchers. Thursday was pitchers and karaoke. Friday through Sunday, we were just drunk. We once threw a keg party mid-week because the forecast said a hurricane was coming and we were sure that we wouldn’t have class the next day. Sure enough, the hurricane came and school was cancelled the next day. But the really amazing thing about that party was that I had my first legal writing and research paper due the next day, so I brought my notes and laptop to the party, and wrote the entire thing after a few beers while the party raged on. I got a B+.

In retrospect, I guess my law school experience doesn’t make any sense. I was drunk all the time, tortured my professors with insane hypotheticals (Example: Shouldn’t 1st degree murder be punished less severely than manslaughter, since people who intend to murder the people they kill are usually killing people who have done something to deserve it, while a negligent driver kills a true innocent?), studied half the time of any of my friends, and graduated in the top 13% of my class. Then again, maybe I’m just awesome.


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