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Internet Networking Event

Posted by JewMitch on June 10, 2009


The other night I had nothing to do and it happened to be Internet week in New York, so I decided to go to a dot com start-up networking happy hour. Why, you ask?

Well for one, I have a weird thing where I actually like going to networking events. I like meeting new people and I think it’s really fun to watch awkwardness unfold, especially if the event is for lawyers or computer people.

In Baltimore, we used to play this game called “Conference,” where we would go to this bar that was right near the conference center, look for people who were clearly part of the conference (khakis, name sticker, looking uncomfortable) and then we’d introduce ourselves by saying, “Are you here for the conference too?” The trick of the game was to try to figure out what the conference was, and then feign knowledge in that particular area. However, we were on home turf at the time, so we had a distinctive advantage.

This night was going to be rougher, but I did have a quasi-legitimate reason to be there, as I had been doing some legal marketing stuff recently and applying for legal marketing jobs. If nothing else, it always pays for me to know whatever the new hot Internet thing is so that I sound good in interviews. Also, there was a comedy show I really wanted to go to that was just a few blocks from the event.

So I put I grabbed a bunch of my old business cards, handwrote “ex” in front of “attorney-at-law” and then wrote in my Gmail address. They looked surprisingly hip. I think I’m going to get some real ones made in a similar style.

I managed to find one of the guys in charge of the event, grabbed a free drink coupon and we were good to go. Some highlights of the event included:

–         Meeting a guy who runs a fashion website, and happened to be carrying the same duck umbrella that I am.

–         Meeting a guy wearing a Threadless t-shirt that I own (tank goldfish) and had almost worn to this event.

–         Getting a free screwdriver kit that looks like an old school beeper and USB drive from some company.

–         Meeting an older Latvian woman who was a very close talker, and who also didn’t understand “say it, don’t spray it,” but seemed quite taken with me, and wanted me to help her get Americans to invest in businesses in Latvia.

–         Meeting Miss United States Virginia 2008 (who now works for some social networking website) and giving her advice on the fact that her boyfriend was moving to LA soon.

Not bad for a free event. The comedy show was awesome too; it was hosted by Seth Herzog and John Hamburg (writer/director of “I Love You Man”) and only cost $5. The best part was definitely a black Jewish comedian who was making fun of the fact that people expect him to do Black Jewish humor. For example, “I’m black and Jewish, so I have to sit in the back of the gas chamber.” Amazing.

Of course, I got lost coming home and that took me about an hour, but all in all, a pretty good night.


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