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Comic Book Convention

Posted by JewMitch on June 9, 2009


Last weekend was the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival in New York, so I was there selling issues of my comic book, Assholes (which you can read at I cannot draw at all, but my friend Josh can, and so a few years ago we decided to put out a comic book. The two main characters are named Mitch and Josh, although it’s really just my personality split into two different characters, so that I could write dialogue scenes. And since Josh did most of the work on the book, I let him be the smooth-talking, ladies man character.

The book is about half fiction and half real-life drinking stories and includes such great Mitch stories as the time I convinced a group of 20 girls at Seacrets in Ocean City that we were celebrating my Indian friend’s bachelor party and he was having an arranged marriage the next day and the time I went to Mexico and got really bad diarrhea. There are no super heroes, lots of profanity, and a plethora of vagina jokes. Needless to say, our comic does not really fit in with the rest of the comics at this convention, which are more likely to be put out by bitchy girls who can’t draw and lonely artistic types.

Josh is more of a comic book guy, so he is the one who signs us up for these things and fits into the crowd. Like our comic book, I do not fit into these shows at all. For instance, while most people wear their favorite graphic novel t-shirts and demolished cargo shorts, I am there in khakis and a t-shirt from the Economist, reading the New York Times.

Still it’s fun to sit at a table and yell things out like “Offensive Comics for Sale! Vagina Jokes Right on the Cover!” Especially when older women stop by our table and ask us to explain why one of the characters is throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Josh tries to be tactful, while I’ll just bluntly say: “The hall way represents a large vagina. The hot dog is a penis.” Then they say, “Oh,” and quietly move on.

It’s surprising though who reads our book. Every now and then though a middle aged guy pushing a stroller will come and buy five copies. Although, I think the best moment from any of these shows though was when a couple of guys in their late teens came up to us and said, “You guys are our heroes. We can’t believe you guys do this for a living.” We didn’t have the heart to tell we had boring day jobs, so instead I just said, “Keep following your dreams.”

We usually sell about fifty books or more per show, which is really good for a book that is self published and put out by no-name guys. It’s kind of like Chasing Amy – although we have like ten fans and we don’t try to fuck each other after the show. Still it is cool when someone from last year comes back to buy the second issue and tells you that they really liked your book. And even if I never become famous, I can at least take comfort that I put my fair share of dick and fart jokes out into the world. That’s really all I want on my tombstone anyway.


2 Responses to “Comic Book Convention”

  1. […] friends and hawk copies of Assholes #2 with Mitch at MoCCA. (Read Mitch’s account of the show here). It was a good show– not our best, but I can blame slower-than-average sales on the economy […]

  2. Hunter said

    Six feet under here lies Mitch,
    who was six feet of dick and fart jokes

    Wait…I guess they put your last name on there, too.

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