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Spin and Pilates Classes

Posted by JewMitch on June 5, 2009


Since I have most days free, I started going whatever class my gym offers at noon each day. (“Wait Mitch – how do you afford a gym in NYC?” Answer: “It’s a recession. So I was able to find a nice gym for $49 a month with no contract. What do you pay? Oh, that’s a lot”).

These classes are all pretty funny, because I’m usually the only guy in the class and they’re mostly geared towards girls. For instance, my spin class is called STAR Treatment – and then we all do yoga afterwards. Still, I am unemployed and have no problem with the instructor yelling, “Pedal Harder Ladies!”, so I show up every day. And I’m getting in awesome shape.

Yesterday was pilates. Which I learned is a really awesome class to take when you’re hung over. I knew things were bad when I got really nauseous just from lying down on the mat. Then I proceeded to scissor kick and do various other leg raises, all while trying not to vomit. But after about half an hour, I felt better and got a great core work out. So I highly recommend it.

The worst thing about taking girl classes at the gym is that they’re actually really hard. Spin is taught by this domineering black woman, who constantly threatens to come over and turn the resistance up on my bike herself if she doesn’t feel that I’m struggling enough. And then the next day, I have to tell people that the reason I can barely walk is because of “Spin” class. 

I’m curious why classes like Pilates and Spin are almost all girls. Oh that’s right. It’s because they’re called Pilates and Spin. Pilates sounds like a French piece of clothing or some new coffee drink and Spin just sounds gay. Like we spent an hour spinning in circles. Which is sort of what we did. And a Kelly Clarkson remix was blaring at the time. Nevermind.


One Response to “Spin and Pilates Classes”

  1. Bridget said

    Linked to this from Facebook…
    LMAO!! I love that you’re in the blogosphere. I had no idea you were…
    NOW I can enjoy your sarcastic sense of humor EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.

    My life just got a whole lot better.
    Missing you dearly in Baltimore,

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